Every day…

This day started with snow, followed by sleet, and now it is freezing rain. A lot of cancellations to keep folks safe. The promise that in a few hours the temperature will rise above freezing and the rain will no… Read More ›

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  • Go…

    The word go was represented in so many things when I was younger. Especially in my thirties, and forties, all things were Go. From work to church to interactions outside of either.  There was one period of time when I… Read More ›

  • It is well…

    Sometimes the words I have can’t compare to what others have written. When those words are put to music, they are powerful in a way that touches so many. Perhaps I’ll write later, but this song spoke to my heart… Read More ›

  • So…?

    That was what I said aloud as I sat at the computer to do this blog. I have started it three times, different topics then stopped, deleted what I’d written while muttering, this is not what God wants. So? Well,… Read More ›

  • My balm of Gilead?

    I had another topic for the blog today, but after being inundated by the disheartening news this morning, I went right to the Word.  The reality of the world we live in is rarely understood fully, and sometimes hard to… Read More ›

  • Goodbye 2019

    In 2019 I went from an occasional blog to a couple of months of steady blogs and back to an occasional blog. My plan for 2020 is to get back to a steady schedule and do a better job of… Read More ›

  • Questions, always questions…

    Thoughts before the workday begins. I suppose we all want to accomplish something that has an impact, that touches people, that can be our legacy. But, if you don’t have a family to provide a legacy for, what does it… Read More ›