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Has it been a year?


Well not quite. It was toward the end of September 2015 that Elsie and I took a long weekend and went to the Lake of Ozarks in Missouri. She had meetings. I had being lazy to focus on. That and writing. Which I did do some writing, but mostly I sat on the deck of our room and watched the world go by in the parking lot below and on the lake.

The first night there was a meet and greet we attended for a little while. She did more meeting and greeting. I stood on the deck and watched the boats. WP_20150925_005 After we were greeted out, we went down to the pool area. Not too many people were around


so we sat and relaxed and sometimes watched the boats coming in as it got dark. toes

We had a nice room at Camden on the Lake.


Two comfy beds. A desk and love seat. A nice kitchenette and equally nice bathroom. We had cable and free WiFi and she did meetings and I wrote and lazed. This view is from a favorite spot – my bed. You can see the corner of Elsie’s bed bottom left.

Saturday evening we drove around, getting sort of lost. It was dark so I didn’t take pictures. I was too busy trying to read road signs and the phone map. Eventually we got back to the hotel to relax on the beds. Did I say we each had comfy beds?

Sunday morning we watched live church services on the laptop before we got around to checking out. We took a different route back through some beautiful country side and I neglected to use the camera. So I fired myself for the rest of the weekend as photographer. Sunday evening we arrived back at  St. Joe.

Sometimes just getting away for a couple days is good therapy.


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