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A couple hours in very hot weather

A few weeks ago Elsie had some errands to run and I went along for the ride. The temps were in the 95+ degree area with feel like temperatures anywhere from 105 to 110. A nice “cool” day for a mini road trip.

Elsie has discovered the wonderful world of quilting. I love completed quilts. I do not have the patience to quilt. Which probably isn’t exactly accurate, because I can sit for hours in front of a computer, or an easel with paint brush in hand and totally lose track of time. Reality is, if it’s something you love you are as patient as you need to be.

Philosophizing done.

Because there are some nice quilt shops in the Northwest Missouri area, I just thought I’d share a couple pictures of the shops we visited. Check them out if you get a chance.

Top Stitch Country is out by Helena, MO. Check out the website:

Quilt pic 1


Another place we visited is Glenda’s Sewing Cupboard also a rural shop and worth the little drive to check it out. Checkout the Facebook page.


Quiilt pic 2

Of course there wasn’t time to visit every shop in the area. We did a quick visit to one in St. Joseph, Around the Frame, 2301 Frederick Ave #1, St Joseph, MO 64506.

around the fram

So, not exactly a “trip” but a nice diversion for a hot afternoon.


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