A slathering of thoughts

First thought: Stop placing the blog on the back burner.

Next thought: Just say the things and quit censoring yourself because of insecurity.

And another: What happened to “taking a knee” being the outward expression of prayer and submission to God?

Yet another: Sin must be dealt with. Scripturally and not by using scripture out of context and NOT outside the character of God.

And then there’s this one: Why do we accept the labels of the world so easily?

Plus: Why does the focus go so often to self and not God first?

Yeah, also this: I know God is in control, but I just want to fix this myself.

Oooh, yeah this one, too: But God, You need to do this . . . .


I think, when the thoughts like these come, I’d rather the slathering be cream cheese icing on carrot cake.