The road to completion

I’m off my schedule again, but the schedule is like a budget, at least in my world, it is something you put down on paper(or computer) hoping to be able to achieve, but always keeping flexibility a part of it so it doesn’t crash and burn. I’ve had lessons from the Lord that took priority, so writing in all forms was sidelined for a while.
Sometimes the teaching we get from the Lord isn’t always easy. And sometimes it causes the ugly head of resentment and/or attitude to rise when people are used in the process, people that are the last people we want a part of our education. I know, it sounds terrible, doesn’t it? Mean. Judgemental. Arrogant. Kind of makes you wonder if that is how God sees us all in our humanity. And loves us anyway. Reminding us that no one, absolutely no one, sees the whole picture like He does. So each of our little journeys is one of many that intersect and, when we are not focused on the direction He has for us, those intersections can result in fender benders. Or worse. The best part is, the greatest first responder existing is there to get us back on the road so we can continue our journey. But if we refuse assistance, that leaves us stranded, frustrated, maybe wounded – without help because we have determined we don’t need help, anyone’s help, and we end up all alone on that road that suddenly has no clear direction.
Great news, though. When you least expect it, someone comes along in a broken down, ancient clunker, with a huge smile on their face, a quiet joy that at first annoys but then as they persist in helping, the joy wraps itself around you and suddenly you are back on the road, humbled but smiling in the shared joy that God, using whatever method will reach you, is still the one who rescues, delivers, and heals, even at your initial refusal of help. Sad, though, that it takes maneuvering like that to get beyond ourselves to be in His perfect Will, perfect Love. Even sadder is the many people still stranded on this crazy highway we call life and there is no one to come along beside them and get them in the right direction. They don’t know there is a very personal God, a very powerful God who will fight the battles for them but will not force them to accept Him or His care. And sad, as well, is the number of times on the road toward eternity, we who do know Him are too busy to be that person of quiet, or not so quiet joy that shows people they have a choice. But in that choice is responsibility, accountability, and submission. And though it sounds burdensome, restricting, maybe stifling in today’s culture, it isn’t. It just isn’t.
Just some ramblings on this glorious fall day. Thanks for taking a minute, or more, to visit.
You are always welcome in my world – Vicki