In choosing . . .

It looks like winter out there today. Cloudy, leaves have fallen, the wind is blowing hard enough to create a draft through the northwest window I am sitting next to . . .
so I have options to avoid the little bit of chill. Draw the curtains. Put something across the sill. Pull out a space heater or turn the furnace on. Grab a flannel shirt and maybe actually consider putting socks on.
So many options just to be a little more comfortable. But for some, there are not always simple options in a world where comfort is sometimes a luxury and not a part of their current normal life.
No judgments here. Too many pieces either fall together or fall apart, to create a lack of order in anyone’s life. A lack of order that can result in the bottom of reality falling out and suddenly feeling….lost…
Maybe some of you have been in that place. A place you believe no one can know, a place where no one can help because you can’t even say what it is that is needed because the mind, the heart, has been blindsided and the fog is so thick you can’t see beyond the moment.
It’s hard. Life can be very hard. I don’t pretend to have answers other than God has always, always, been that truth that keeps me going forward. That He will use people,  even animals, to demonstrate unconditional love when trusting has become so hard to manage. That strength is in accepting that weakness is not failure because God has promised us, has demonstrated to us, that His power is made perfect in our weakness. That, in finding things to be thankful for, I am reminded of what deliverance is all about. That, in a world progressively growing in turmoil and lovelessness, I have to stay focused on the good I can find and be grateful for it.
So, today, I am thankful for choice, in it’s most basic form.
Blessings – Vicki