Bracy’s Cafe in Downtown St. Joe

Elsie and I both love what is happening in Downtown St. Joseph, MO, so when we get a chance we drive around to see what is new, whether it be stores or restaurants or a variety of other things from artwork to parking lots.

On this day we were on a search for a new place to eat lunch and as we drove by Bracy’s Cafe, the storefront caught our attention and we decided that this was the choice for the day. Bracy'sIMG_20180620_142323

If you are looking for an establishment with more of an ultra-contemporary style, this probably isn’t your place.  If you are looking for a traditional cafe feel, then this will be more to your liking. Here you walk into a cozy, homelike atmosphere with plenty of space,  bright colors, a variety of different furniture styles and a combination of artwork displayed on the walls.  It feels artsy. It feels hometown while having that air of sophistication downtown businesses of all types manage to achieve.

IMG_20180620_141048       IMG_20180620_141150 (2)      IMG_20180620_141104


And when they brought out dinner plates filled to the edges with homecooked food I thought I was back at Aunt Margarets on a Sunday afternoon.  We both opted for the special of meatloaf, macaroni and cheese, and green beans.  No thought was given to adding salt or pepper to these perfectly seasoned dishes. And although we were almost painfully stuffed, we both had pie. Elsie had chocolate, I had coconut cream. Amazing. Of course, there was also cake and muffins, but those are for a later date.

Now, I’m not a trained chef. But I know what good food is, and Bracy’s has good food and we’re already talking about taking some of our friends down to try it out.


Formerly known as Not Just Deserts, this lovely cafe is well worth a visit. It is located at 505 Francis in downtown St. Joseph, MO.  They are closed on Sundays and are not open late, so plan to be out and about for breakfast or lunch and enjoy your food, the comfortable atmosphere, and the friendly people.

Many thanks to the owner who allowed me to take pictures, the great cooks, hostesses, and servers.

We will be back.