Sadness all around

Writing a blog was on the schedule for today, so I am opening my heart.

But there really isn’t laughter going on, or great anticipation of the next journey. Today, as I read the posts, hear the news, see the videos and photos, I ache with the sadness to the north and sadness to the south. Sadness that is here in this little apartment in northwest Missouri for the heartbreak to the north and to the south.

Tornados do more damage than destroying structures. They disrupt lives. They instill fear, insecurity, and sometimes hopelessness. Not only in those directly impacted, but in those around them, and in those who might be thousands of miles away. Death, injury, people forced to begin again . . .

A sudden storm with helpless people still on boats in the water. Not everyone survived. There are no words to say for those who are melting on the inside as the devastating pain grabs at them – the truth that their children, their loved ones are not coming home with them.

How can we tell you that you are not alone? Your hearts and your minds are too bruised to even hear the feeble attempt at words.

What I can do is pray. Pray that you will be surrounded by people who will love you. Who will not wound you with words, but will give their time, show their love in silence if necessary. To see you, to recognize what you need and just be there.

Oh, Lord, You know. Your comfort is far more than I ever can give. Holy Spirit of God, be exactly what your children need in the nightmare that has overcome them. In Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen











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