The times we live in . .

I was looking for something else and came across this blog post from a couple of years ago.

Faith By Choice

The plan was to do monthly grocery shopping at the discount store on Monday. Money is tight, and the ads looked pretty good. But on this Saturday morning I was out of coffee creamer, and almost out of coffee, and thought I’d just run down to the neighborhood store where I usually shop since they had coffee on sale. It was early and I knew there wouldn’t be many there yet so no long waits in line That can be a problem with these crazy knees. Why I avoid large stores most of the time and especially with Friday and weekend busyness.  I appreciate the sense of community that goes with neighborhood stores.
So I walk in and the first thing I see is a big sign saying 25% off everything at the checkout. Oh no, that’s not good. I look around and the workers all have downcast faces. Big oh no. I…

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