And the rain came. . .

cropped-rain.jpgIn the last few months, when the radar has shown that rain was heading our way, nine times out of ten it broke around us or totally disappeared by the time it got to us. Yes, parts of Missouri have been in serious drought trouble. For the last few days we’ve had intermittent rain, and today it is a plain old fashioned rainy day. Rain, pause, rain. And the lawns are getting greener and ever so slowly the clutches of the drought are being released. At least, that is my prayer.

This is my writing day. It’s after two in the afternoon and I’m just now sitting down to write. I was going to work on the novel today, and I will. But first there were live Facebook videos to catch up on. Streamed church services to catch up on. Emails to receive and write. You know, the kinds of things you catch up on when work has demanded its time.

Before I get to the book, I felt the need to sit down and visit the blog. Not as a way to pass along information, but as a way to share myself, connect with folks, pass along some of the thoughts jumping around inside my head.

I do love rainy days, especially when I can sit in my rocking chair and listen to the rain through the open windows. It brings back memories of when I was young, spending over half of my time on our front porch, with either a pencil and paper or a typewriter in my lap as I sat cross legged on the old glider. It was my own little world where characters and worlds came alive. I was really into fantasy and science fiction back then, and every once in a while I’m tempted to return to that. The memory of a wall of rejection letters might have something to do with the fact that I haven’t.

I’m enjoy this day as a gift. I spent the month of August seeking God, purging some things from my life, returning some things back into my life, and waiting. A lot of waiting and listening for that still small voice.

Answers don’t always come in dramatic ways. Sometimes they are in words from a stranger. Sometimes in a look. Sometimes in a kind act. Sometimes the harshness of truth can cut to the quick, but the clarity that results, the cleansing, and the freedom are exactly the answers you have spent so long looking for.

So, today is a gift as I rejoice in experiencing God’s faithfulness. As I am privileged to be thankful for members of the faith family who take seriously their role in being who God created them to be. So very thankful for the peace that settles deep, knowing God has a plan, that His plan is good, and that joy remains, even in the cloudy days of a troubled soul.

So, that is my rainy, writing Wednesday thoughts before I get into a different mind frame for writing. With all my heart, I hope your rain comes, bringing with it all the refreshing your heart, soul, and mind needs.

You are loved by Love Himself.

Blessings – Vicki



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