gardener-digging-garden-spade-man-260nw-1009308727I was sick for the entire month of September in 2018. The kind of sick where coughing forces you to sleep upright in a chair if you hope to get any sleep at all. The Lord and I had some interesting talks that month. Perhaps the blessing that came from that month of confinement was the realization that maybe I was doing too much of the talking and not enough listening.

So I took the month of October and cut way back on the internet and television and focused on seeking God with whatever options were available. That month of seeking and listening began a journey of deeper study into Holy Scripture. I listened to some solid Biblical preaching, I took advantage of some great online streaming studies, I took some free courses from a seminary, and I did several systematic theological studies.

Now, as month number six of this dedicated time of study is coming to an end, the one thing I have discovered is how much I didn’t know.  Like most committed believers, submitted to Jesus as Lord and Savior, I knew a good amount of scripture, prayed, and did Bible Studies. What I discovered I was ignorant of were those things you don’t see when you are not deliberately digging deeper and deeper into original languages, grammar, culture, and a myriad of other factors I have been taught to look at in the last six months.

One thing I do know, I won’t stop the continual digging to understand as much as I can to really, truly know God as much as humanly possible. And hopefully, share some of the joy that gives me.

Life is full of so many exciting things. We need to just dig as deep as we can, even in the hard times, to find level upon level of joy in the truths we find and embrace.

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