Betty’s Blog

I used to be my own boss, I made plans, you see. I could accomplish all that my mind told me. But now it is different with these aches and pains, my body is now the boss, not my brain. It tells me to quit when I’ve only begun, I walk with a wobble – forget about the run. Now the day starts slowly when it was gung-ho. Finally, when my bed is made my body complains. Why not crawl back in it? Well, I’ve ignored it all like a bad dream. Now, I notice my mind, it has finally come back on the scene. It suggests I hang a sign on my body that actually condemns it. The Spirit of God, who authors my writing, laughs along with me as we speak.  “It’s my broken-down body,” said God. “I spent my son’s blood to redeem it.”  I may be useless to the world around me, but I am precious and priceless, for God made no one exactly like you or me.