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Someone asks you: Why did you accept Jesus?

Doing an apologetics study, again, and this is the meditation for my morning. How do you answer that question? Do you tell them why you accepted Jesus as Lord and Savior? Or do you go immediately into how? In other words, do you answer the question as it was asked?

It can mean the difference in having an open conversation, revealing more about yourself in a way that leads to them wanting to know how. How before why can lead to confusion? Can lead to people feeling preached at. Can lead to people feeling that faith is a result of circumstances.

Example: “A buddy met me for coffee, and then he started sharing things from the Bible and then I went to some small group meetings with him and then I went to church and then accepted Christ.

All great things to share. But if they don’t hear why you accepted Christ, it sounds like a social decision, and if your buddy had been of different faith and you just went along to go along, your faith could have ended up differently,

Be prepared to have an answer. Be prepared to be real with people.