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  • When We Take Revenge. . .

    When we take revenge into our own hands, we become our own ruler.  Without realizing it we set up our own kingdom above the Almighty’s Kingdom.  In this sense, we become our own God and rule from our own kingdom. … Read More ›

  • Someone Asks You

    Someone asks you: Why did you accept Jesus? Doing an apologetics study, again, and this is the meditation for my morning. How do you answer that question? Do you tell them why you accepted Jesus as Lord and Savior? Or… Read More ›

  • The Lofty Mountains

    As I was standing in the valley, I looked to the lofty mountains that towered over me.  They were surrounded by the bluest of blue skies.  The snow was still embedded in the crevices so very deep. The fresh smelling… Read More ›

  • Old Tools

    I had done all I could do, but I was getting nothing accomplished. I thought I had all the right tools.  The world was on my shoulders.  Every attempt I tried, failed.  I was bucking the wind all alone, against… Read More ›

  • I Used To Be My Own Boss

    I used to be my own boss, I made plans, you see. I could accomplish all that my mind told me. But now it is different with these aches and pains, my body is now the boss, not my brain…. Read More ›