Life Lessons


The word go was represented in so many things when I was younger. Especially in my thirties, and forties, all things were Go. From work to church to interactions outside of either.  There was one period of time when I… Read More ›


That was what I said aloud as I sat at the computer to do this blog. I have started it three times, different topics then stopped, deleted what I’d written while muttering, this is not what God wants. So? Well,… Read More ›


I’ve copied and will post a blog I did earlier in the year. I’m doing that mostly because it, along with sermons, and conversations with fellow believers, have reminded me it’s okay to pause for a while, but then when… Read More ›


We all have had and will have assignments in our lives. From school to work, it is a given that there will be a task, many times with a timeline attached to it, that needs to be accomplished. I remember… Read More ›


If I were to ask you what the word glory meant, how would you respond? Like so many of the words in the English language, it can have many definitions, many uses, some overlapping, some very different. Glory is one… Read More ›

Confusions of Life

Haven’t we all had those moments of confusion in life?  Those moments of unsureness, hesitation, indecision, doubt, even skepticism? When so many things seem to be thrown at us that settling the mind can seem a major challenge. From where… Read More ›