Back to Basics

simplify-complicate-red-circle-pencil-260nw-296778314Back to basics-which in my case means scaling back on this site in order to get back to a more simple blog.  Sometimes my love of creating new looks on the website takes more time than actually writing which means I complicate things. In trying to do too much, the one thing I am compelled to do suffers. Time to stay true to the initial purpose of this site, time to simplify.

Next blog: Digging deeper into the Word.

Yup, still around

thumbs-up-1020007__340I know, I haven’t made the ‘at least once a week’ blogging goal. But I have gotten some work around the home front done which was desperately needed, so hopefully, by next week, I’ll be back on track with my writing.

Meanwhile, here in Missouri, within two days we went from sixty-degree weather right into Winter, with LOTS of snow in many places. My locale, compared to others, wasn’t bad. We had around four inches of snow. Some further east had close to, and maybe more than, twenty inches. And, this weekend we are looking at a couple more systems headed our way, bringing snow and sub-zero temperatures.  Yes, Winter in Missouri. Never predictable.

I’ve also completed a great study in Christology and Bibliology. Love digging deeper and deeper into what I believe and why.

God provides us what we need. Sometimes when we don’t even know we need it. Even if the weather is never predictable, God always is. It may not always seem so if you don’t know Him, but studying the God-breathed words we call The Bible, clarifies that reality.

Be blessed – Vicki



female-hands-holding-coffee-cup-260nw-1249896301January 1, 2019. Here in Missouri, it is spitting snow. It did that yesterday. It is doing it today. It is winter after all, and I can sit in my rocking chair and look out both the north and west windows and enjoy what I see and be grateful I am somewhere warm.

I have thought for a long time about whether or not to continue this website. I’ve redesigned it several times, which I love doing, and have wondered if I should just do that, offer to design websites for people. But I have my freelance writing work that helps pay the bills, and I have some novels I’ve started that seem to have stalled that I can’t seem to give up on, and even though this site has sat silent for several weeks, I can’t seem to give up on it either.

So, I have spent the afternoon simplifying all the changes I made on the site and have determined I want it as simple a site as I am comfortable with. And I’ve decided to just let it go in the direction the Lord leads me to take it from one day to the next. I’d love to say I’ll start blogging every day, but I am a realist, so I’ll say I’ll try to blog at least twice a week, and if I do better than that, then yay! For me anyway, you may not be saying yay! Ha.

So, here’s to 2019. May it be full of the rich blessings God has ordained for each of us.