Hi, I’m Vicki

me-aFrom an active, too busy life, I was directed by the Lord to simplify. The result is amazing. Busy and active can be defined by what it is that occupies your time, from physical activity to thoughts that never seem to slow down. Even faith-centered activities and thoughts can be man directed and not God directed and can wear you thin. So God has taught me to listen for His direction, first to ‘be’ and then to ‘do’. 

So, in His strength, I made, and continue to make, the changes to simplify and in His timing have been able to return to my love of writing:  About Him, about His lessons in my life, about life in general, and in writing fiction.

All roads in my world continue to lead to the Lord. It’s a great place to be.


And this is The Cat


Doesn’t matter if I’m at the desk, or at the table with the laptop, he thinks he has all rights to interrupt. It is his kingdom after all.