Hi, I’m Vicki

One of my favorite expressions: God is faithful. I wish I had a tee shirt proclaiming that.

Yes, that’s me. Tee shirts, jeans, flannel shirts, sweat pants and gray/white hair up in a ponytail. Makeup seldom used, jewelry even less, but oh, I do love a good perfume. And good perfume, based on my expensive tastes, means I rarely indulge in my favorite.

Oh, and the whitve thing? That started in high school when my name was too long – you know, last name first (whit), first name (v), middle name (e). The official school forms created my new name. Sometimes it was whitlve, which was much worse. A bit of the past that has hung on. Anyway…into adulthood…

From an active, too busy life, I was directed by the Lord to simplify. The result is amazing. I was a Yes to everyone and everything type of person, and I learned that by saying yes in that manner, my yes to God was not the priority.

So, in His strength, I made the change to simplify and in His timing was able to return to my love of writing. About Him, about His lessons in my life, about life in general, and in writing fiction.  Vocationally,  I’ve most recently worked as a content writer. In my early days, some 30 years ago, I was a newspaper reporter/photographer and then became an editor. In between those writing years were a mix of public service, business, and ministry.

All roads lead to the Lord. It’s a great place to be.