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Unshakable Faith

by Debra L. Butterfield

Leave your doubts behind and live a bold, confident life for God.

Read this book if you are…

  • constantly struggling with doubt
  • strong in your faith one day and down the next
  • Always wondering if God will answer your prayers.

With Unshakable Faith, you’ll build an indestructible foundation to your faith and crush your doubts. This 7-week Bible study contains 5 to 6 lessons per week, each lesson designed to be completed in 20 minutes or less. Topics covered include:

  • Your Kingdom identity
  • Faith fundamentals
  • Your Kingdom authority and power
  • Your weapons and armor

You’ll grow and strengthen your faith, learn faith fundamentals, and learn to command the power and authority God has given you.

This book…is not for the beginner only, but also for those who are more mature in the faith.” Pastor Larry Gray, Hosanna International Ministries

Buy Unshakable Faith today. Your walk with God will never be the same!

Can be completed individually or as a group study. An ideal resource for discipleship.


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