This is me


22528108_1954001634811347_266241719504331952_nThe grey hair tells me I’m a senior citizen. Not ready to totally give in to that reality yet. Life is about more than how achy and tired my body might feel.

Life is about faith, and relationships, and hurtful things, and joyous things and the beauty of creation in all forms. It is about being real with ourselves, and about ourselves. It is about accepting differences but not compromising matters of the heart and soul. It is about forgiving ourselves as well as forgiving others. It is about giving and taking and finding love, hope, and joy.

I write. About my faith. About books. About observations of life. In my world, it takes three blogs to do that. It’s hard to give up years of words, hard to do any more than pause for a while before it’s time to continue. So here they are on display. My life, one word at a time.

Learning as I go. Always.

Welcome to my world.   – Vicki