Works In Progress

Sample Lake Book One: Brothers First

Brett and Jack Simpson are brothers who have faced their share of heartache as well as a variety of relational issues from the time they were kids. Now as adults, the issues continue, only now they have bled into serious trouble with the FBI, business partners, and the insistent grace and mercy showed to them by those in their lives who care.


Coming Home

Jake Sinclair has finally made it home after a long six months of service as part of a Christian Disaster Relief team. Always difficult, this time the governmental tumult, terrorist activities, and local violence against those who were trying to help had him wondering those last few weeks if he would even make it home. And, once home, wounded physically, emotionally, and spiritually, would he ever be whole again?

Not of This World

Josh Sanders, according to his Auntie, always does things the hard way.  Now home again with no explanation to the aunt that raised him, he is faced with either wandering throughout the rural countryside trying to find answers to questions he’s not sure he has the courage to answer or working with the small, dying community to come up with ways to keep folks from giving up when they are faced with the impossible.